Hello world!

…Yes! I’ve finally taken the plunge and joined this world..whew! I’ve been inspired by a couple of bloggers, one of whom is BellaNaija (thumbs up to her for a job well done).

I am starting up this blog/forum to talk about different issues that concern ‘sistas’..my African ‘sistas’. I think that we sometimes need an outlet to let it out and here is that platform. A platform for us to come together and bond because the truth is, we need each other one way or the other. Women are very interesting and have such colourful personalities – all produced from the different experiences we have had. I’d like for us to share these experiences so sistas, I look forward to you welcoming me into your world!

I would like to hear about stuff that goes on in your lives – good or bad. You can send in your stories to heysistablog@gmail.com.

Please spread the word, invite your friends and add me to your favourites..mwah!


2 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. in fact my sister it is a serious matter with we single ladies because it is as if you are talking to me but i am not worried and i don’t allow the pressure to get to me as i will advise everyone to do though it is not easy especially when u are near or 30+ anyway it is well in God’s own time he will bring everyone’s Spouses because he said in Isiah 30 that non shall lack their mate and i know when the time comes i will not lack mine

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