So your friend has tried to hook you up with a friend of her friend or you have met a couple of nice guys at different events, but none of them seems to have made your heart skip a beat. We have all looked for love in different places. If we had a chance to do a survey to find out where some of us have found love, some of the answers would range from the church to a wedding or even at a friend’s house. These seem to be the normal places where we could find love but I just wonder – would you be willing to look into the option of looking for love on an online dating site? “Hmmmm”, you would say, “that is such a novelty in this part of the world.” If you ask me, I think one of the reasons why we might be a tad bit hesitant to explore that option is because not every one wants to say, “Oh, I met my husband on an online dating site!” These are just my thoughts, some of you might probably disagree. It just seems to me that the typical African family members would probably have a fit to know that you found a potential ‘husband’ on an online dating site.

I have actually found that we do have some Nigerian online dating sites.  I would like to know though how many people have had fruitful long-lasting relationships or even marriages from these liaisons.

You might make a friend or two but the thought of it seems quite spooky though – you wonder, what kind of person would the guy online be? Would he actually be who he claims to be? Or would he be a psycho or some guy with a shady life? Is it actually possible to meet some nice and decent guy on an online dating site who you will eventually walk down the aisle and live a good life with.

Sistas, what do you think? Would you be willing to broaden your horizons and look for love on an online dating site? Let’s chat…



4 thoughts on “www.lookingforlove.com”

  1. I’m quite open to a lot of things,but online dating is a big NO NO ! Simply because I can’t trust what or who I don’t see. I like the fun of seeing a guy,thinking how cute he is,getting into a conversation,and getting to know him better and all the works. But online,you aren’t too sure who is on the other side,he might be a wanted criminal for all you know! I can’t deal with the uncertainty,hence a big No No to online dating for me.

  2. hmmmm…it’s probably not a very good idea and might make one seeking for love online appear desperate and loose, cos it’s likely one will have time to date more that one person. On the other hand, I think online dating actually gives one the opportunity to know their date better, that’s if there’s honesty involved as most of what is done is talk, talk and talk.

    I have tried it once and felt heart broken when my ‘guy’ had to marry. We were honest with ourselves and knew our worlds were apart and wouldn’t spend ourlives together. My opinion is try it, if the person sounds tiny bit not open, break it and move on!

  3. Online dating…maybe i’m a bit old-fashioned but I honestly don’t understand it.

    First, i quite dislike the idea of a long-distance relationship (and if you do think about it you will realise that it is kinda long-distance, considering that the only time you can chat or see this dude/dame is when they are online). I like to physically see who i’m talking to and go through different actual situations with them. Seeing their actual reaction in real time beats having to recount it to him/her and then hearing a perfect and unrealistic response that is based on how they think you will like to see them respond in that given situation.

    Online dating is mostly just talk and for me a relationship is more than that – it’s 2 ‘actual’ (as opposed to ‘virtual’) people who go through life’s happenings together and decide, based on the other party’s response to these happenings, if they can spend the rest of their lives together no matter what happens.

    In conclusion, I will say that I may ‘meet’ a guy on a dating site BUT if we will ever get into a relationship, we must have ‘close distance’ communication with all the works…I just can’t have a computer telling me what to do or how to feel. That’s just weird!!

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