What do women really want?

Now this is a question that men folk have tried to find an answer to since the beginning of time. Some have failed and a few have succeeded in this mysterious quest ( do I hear some chuckling in the background? yes, it is a quest..a quest to find the magical crystal ball..lol). What wouldn’t some men do to get the answer to this mind-boggling question. It’s like rocket science to many of them. This topic even amuses me as I type away.

A few days ago, Loemwe and Alex of Big Brother Africa were having a chat about this particular topic and Loemwe mentioned that women want fantasy. He said that we want things that are unreal, things beyond our reach. Sistas, do you agree with that? Some  men think that we are confused, that we do not even know what we want. Does that sound like any of us here? Do you actually not know what you want?

Ok yeah, so some of us want to be like Cinderella and have our Prince Charming come in to swoop us into a life of opulence and happy endings

…or some of us just simply want to have a fantastic job that pays the bills, puts beautiful clothes on our bodies, gets us a great car and whatever else that goes with it

…or some of us just want a man who will give us some gooooood loving!

…some of us might just be comfortable with simply having a nice home, being a good, devoted wife and mother

…some of us want to blaze the trail and make a mark in this world, forge ahead in our careers and be known amongst the who’s who of the world

and some just want to snuggle up, have a hot drink of cocoa, watch a great movie tonight and then let each day unfold as it comes (lol).

I have run out of scenarios but you catch my drift. The guys that will see the title of this episode will probably think “Eureka! Finally, the unveiling of the everlasting mystery, the answer to our life-long question”, but emmmm sorry to disappoint you guys! The fact is that you might be surprised at how simple a woman’s wants are. You just need to ask her sincerely and she will be happy to tell you. The magic word here is ‘ask sincerely’ – be interested and open-minded in knowing the answer to that question.

So sistas, I’ve only put a few opinions of mine on what we want or might want, so please help decode this mystery, what do you really want?


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