Love – a second-hand emotion?

There is this song I love to pieces, it takes me into depths unimaginable

…♪♫Love, a word that comes that comes and goes but few people really know what it really means to love somebody…♪♪♫

..well those are just some of the lyrics of the song. The reason why I love this song is because it gives to me a picture of what love really is or means.

The fact is, quite a number of people throw this word around like it’s just some ordinary word and so they are comfortable to say it to different people at different times without blinking an eye. Is it really a feeling or emotion that can be used and abused? I like to think that love is such a sacred word that should not be mentioned unless it is truly meant.

Now love is not just an emotion expressed towards someone of the opposite sex, it could be toward anybody – your child, parents, siblings, friends, anybody.

What really is love? One person would find it synonymous to having butterflies in their tummy when they saw that one person they were crazy about. Another would put it as that warm feeling that envelopes you that would make you do anything..absolutely anything in the world to make that other person happy.

I like to think that it is a lot deeper than that, that it involves sacrifice and a whole lot more. I would even like to say that in love, you see that person’s imperfections but love him/her anyway. Oooooohhh it is such a beautiful thing to have someone who just takes you for who you are and thinks you are the world to them..isn’t it? Just thinking about it makes me all warm and When you love someone, you always have that other person’s back, you would defend and protect him/her anywhere. Love is a commitment though, it takes a lot of hard work – that I have come to find out. Now that’s the part some people are just not prepared for or are simply scared of. That is where the line is drawn actually, this is what makes it love – the dedication and commitment.

It is something that is bigger than us. In fact it scared me to write about this because I did not know if I could really capture the essence of what this phenomenon is all about. I will definitely be happy to read what you think about love.



1 thought on “Love – a second-hand emotion?”

  1. I totally agree with you , love is a feeling that can’t be totally expressed in words but in actions , it is the greatest feeling ever . And I thank God I have experienced it.

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